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Last night's rain check

If you had tickets to last night's game, and I know some of you did, you are eligible for an almost free ticket to a future Marlins game.

From Marlins Media (via twitter)

With rain delay over 90 mins, ticket stubs from tonight's game can be exchanged for a $1 ticket to any remaining Mon-Thur home game in 2009.


valid dates: Sept. 2, 3, 22 (doubleheader), 23

That's right we play that few number of home games in September.  If you decide to cash in your ticket stub to see one of your four options, don't wait until five minutes before the first the pitch.  Assuming you want to see the first pitch, since the person at the ticket booth will have to reference their big book of rain delays.  It would probably be quicker to look at their little book of games that weren't rain delayed.  But that isn't going to happen.