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Cody Ross cashing in

Cody Ross is probably going to make every performance incentive in his contract.

Cody Ross said he was unaware that he earned a $25,000 performance bonus Wednesday when he made his 570th plate appearance of the season. But considering Ross went 3 for 4 with two RBI, the Marlins might wish to include more bonus clauses in the outfielder's contract if they tender him this winter.

Ross hit a home run on his 540th plate appearance, which brought him his first $25,000 bonus. Ross, who had 576 plate appearances entering Thursday's game, will get another $25,000 bonus if he gets to 600.

Let's see, the Marlins have 14 games left and Ross, barring injury or unthinkable cheapness by the front office, will get about 56 more plate appearances the rest of the way, which will complete all of the incentive goals.  Now, if I can just find his home phone number in order to borrow money, which I never intend to pay back.