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Chris Volstad to throw simulated game

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Chris Volstad will be throwing a simulated game on Saturday in hopes of working out some of his problems.

Manager Fredi Gonzalez has been noncommittal when asked if Chris Volstad would start again before the end of the season. Volstad, who lost his spot in the rotation, will throw a simulated game before batting practice Saturday against Marlins hitters.

Unless someone gets injured I doubt that the young Mr. Volstad will start again this season.  And frankly he shouldn't.  Volstad will once again regain control of his sinker and be able to spot the fast ball and probably be a fixture in the Marlins rotation for sometime to come.  But it ain't going to happen in 2009.

The Marlins only have 15 games remaining and are 8 games back of the Phillies in the division and 5 down to the Rockies in the wild card.  The Marlins need a serious win streak if they plan on capturing a playoff birth.  This is not the time to see if Volstad can return to form.  

More on the playoff situation later.

The bottom line of the post is, for now, Volstad can't be trusted to deliver and the clock is ticking.