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Ernie Banks praises Hanley Ramirez

Ernie Banks, one of the greatest of all time, had this to say about Hanley Ramirez.

Banks, the former Cubs great, only met Ramirez once, but he had some high praise for the 25-year-old. He called him easily the greatest player in today's game, said he expects him to go down as the best shortstop of all time and when asked how he compares Ramirez to himself, Banks replied: "Oh, he's much better than me. When I look at him play, I sit up there in the stands and in the press box, and I say, 'Boy, I wish that was me.'"

Seeing how this is, really, only Hanley's fourth year in the majors I don't think I would start comparing him to Ernie Banks.  But if Mr. Banks wants to make that comparison who am I to stop him.

If you look at baseball reference for players at the same age as Hanley the only Hall of Famer he compares to is Tony Lazzeri.  And that is one fine player to be compared to and in some ways he was a better hitter than Ernie Banks.

Not sure where I am going with this but go ahead and read the whole article, it puts Hanley in a very favorable light.