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Cincinnati Reds feeling pain?

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With the Marlins in town there is a theory that the Reds could be feeling pain.

It must pain the Reds during the one time a year that the Marlins show up in Cincinnati.

Outfielder Cody Ross and third baseman Jorge Cantu -- who are tied for second on the Marlins with 87 RBI -- are former Reds who got away cheap.

The Reds traded Ross to the Marlins during the 2006 season for a player to be named, which was pitcher Ben Kozlowski. And the Reds didn't pursue Cantu when he became a free agent after playing 27 games for them at the end of the 2007 season.

My thoughts are the Reds get almost giddy when the Marlins come to town.  The Fish haven't won in the Reds home park in over three years.

Yes, I know that Clark Spencer is talking about front office decisions, but even with those decisions, I still find it hard to believe the Reds are spending much time considering "what if".  No doubt they would like Ross and Cantu on their roster but the fact remains, the Marlins haven't won at Great American Ball Park in over three years.  My guess is everyone in the Reds organization is just happy to get some wins in front of the home crowd.