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Jeremy Hermida getting better

Jeremy Hermida finally resumed some baseball activities.

RF Jeremy Hermida said today he thinks he’s turned a corner in his effort to return to action, but he’s still not sure when he’ll play.

Hermida took 40 to 50 swings today, off a tee and some flips. It was the first time he has hit a ball since left the game Sept. 3 with a right intercostals strain. He took dry swings on Monday.

"Yesterday was the first day I felt something positive,’’ he said. "I saw the light at the end of the tunnel for the first time. I felt like I’d been treading water little bit but then yesterday I kind of turned the corner.’’

While I never want anyone to be hurt, I'm also not in that much of a hurry for Hermida to return to the lineup.  'Cause you know once he is declared good to go he will be back in right field against right-handed pitchers.  Now, that would send Maybin to the bench.  Or at least I hope Maybin is the odd man out.  Maybin is performing decently, not great, but decently since his call up at the first of September.  Oh sure, the offensive stats are pretty good but let's talk sample size.  However, the Marlins aren't showcasing Maybin for an offseason trade.

That said, I'm still trying to figure out who Brett Carroll pissed off.