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Tony La Russa praises Fredi Gonzalez

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It seems that Fredi has a fan in one Tony La Russa.

"I think he’s outstanding," said La Russa. "He’s classic because he’s done a lot of things in baseball _ managed, coached with Bobby (Atlanta manager Bobby Cox). His education is top-notch and he’s got a terrific feel for the game.

"And the other part you need to have is to have guys follow you. He’s a leader. Take a look at their club this year. It hangs in there.

"He’s one of my idols."

That has to make Fredi feel all warm inside.  Personally I think Fredi does a good job.  It isn't easy juggling this team around between the injuries, the inexperience and the ones who probably shouldn't even be on a major league club.  But Fredi doesn't set the roster, he just has to do the best he can with what he is given.  And for the most part he has.  Oh sure, there are things I have and will complain about, but managing is easy from my living room.  But put me in the dugout and the whole thing would probably implode.