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Florida Marlins 2010 Schedule released

The Marlins announced their 2010 schedule today.

In 2010, Florida will open a season in the Mets' new place.

Major League Baseball announced the '10 schedules on Tuesday, and it turns out the Marlins will get things going on April 5 with a three-game series against New York at Citi Field. After Opening Day, both clubs will have an off-day, then wrap up the first series of the year over the next couple of days.


After that three-game set, they'll have their first homestand beginning April 9, when they host the Dodgers for three games and the Reds for four.

In terms of Interleague Play, American League teams that will be making their way to Land Shark Stadium are the Rangers (June 15-17) and Rays (June 18-20). Florida will in turn get its chance to utilize the designated hitter when it takes on the White Sox (May 21-23), Rays (June 11-13) and Orioles (June 22-24) on the road.


The final four series of the season will see the Marlins host the Mets for a two-game series (Sept. 21-22), then embark on a seven-game road trip against the Brewers (Sept. 23-26) and Braves (Sept. 27-29) before finishing up the regular season against the Pirates, from Sept. 30-Oct. 3.

I really haven't had a chance to look at it, but it is worth a note that the first schedule that is published is always kinda tentative.  The teams will remain the same, the dates, we will see.

Anyway, here it is:

2010 Marlins Schedule

[Update]  Dcfish has more in his fan post, which I just now saw.