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Florida Marlins won't raise ticket prices

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The Florida Marlins have decided to keep ticket prices the same and if you pay early, you will even receive a discount.

The Marlins said this weekend they will not raise prices for season tickets or individual games next season.

Fans who renew season tickets and pay in full by Sept. 21 will receive an eight percent price reduction; fans who pay in five installments will receive a 2.5 percent discount. Fans also can freeze their season ticket prices for the next two years and receive an eight percent discount.

Most excellent.  Of course that doesn't mean that the owner of the stadium won't raise parking or concessions.  There is such a thing known in economics as a composite good.  A quick example: attending a major league baseball game consist of more than just the tickets to get into the game.  Say part of your game experience is paying for the ticket, parking, getting a hot dog (which are pretty good at JRS), a frozen lemonade (that selection is for GameFish), a beer and a scorecard.  The whole package must be taken into consideration when deciding whether to attend a game.  So will attending a game next season be the same price as this season?  Maybe.  But it is not completely guaranteed.

Speaking of the cost of attending a game the folks at Beyond the Box Score had a little too much time on their hands.

 The Fish experience didn't do badly assuming you aren't playing the beer an inning drinking game.