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Sean West rolls ankle

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Sean West was cruising in last night's game and then the wheels came off.

Sean West became the second Marlins starter in the series to get shaken up and not be able to complete five innings.

While running the bases in the fourth inning, West stumbled and rolled his right ankle while touching first, and he fell a few feet beyond the bag.


Manager Fredi Gonzalez and assistant trainer Mike Kozak headed toward West, who convinced them he was fine. But in the bottom of the fifth inning, West exited after facing two batters and not recording an out. West's first pitch of the inning struck pinch-hitter Wilson Valdez. After Angel Pagan's double, West was replaced by Burke Badenhop.

Fabulous.  Thank God it is September and the rosters are expanded because the pitchers are dropping like flies.  West claims to be fine, and maybe he is.  But one thing I have learned following the Marlins all these many years is that when young players are injured and asked about how they feel -- they lie.  Always have.  Always will.  

 So we have two possibilities: 1) West is fine or 2) He says he is fine but is lying through his teeth.  I'm hoping that possibility number one is the case.