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Stadium News - Sort of

For some reason this concerns me.

Less than a full season since opening, Citi Field has faulty electrical wiring, crumbling concrete and mold issues.

It is not that I care about the Mets fans experience in their home park, though given the prices they are paying to see a game they should get better.  The concern I have is that the new Marlins stadium has the same architectural firm and lead contractor.

HOK designed Citi Field and Hunt Construction was the main contractor.  For the new Marlins Stadium the architectural firm is Populous (formerly known as HOK) and the lead contractor is Hunt Construction.

Now HOK has designed many a stadium and Hunt Construction has built a bunch without major incidents but what is happening at Citi Field does cause one to raise an eyebrow.

Hopefully whomever is in charge of inspecting the work will be paying more attention to details than did the ones who were in charge of doing so in New York.