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Cody Ross's healthiness pays dividends

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It seems that Cody Ross is meeting the incentives to be able to afford a new set of tires. (I really should tell that story in full someday.)  Anyway, Cody is meeting his contractual demands.

Mets pitcher Pat Misch wasn't the only one who paid when Cody Ross clubbed a three-run homer off him in his first at-bat Wednesday. The Marlins had to cough up $25,000.

That's the bonus Ross is entitled to receive for reaching 540 plate appearances.


Assuming he remains healthy the rest of the season, Ross also should receive additional $25,000 bonuses for reaching 570 and 600 plate appearances, respectively.

Maybe the Marlins should've had the same healthy incentive deal with Nick Johnson.  The Nick Johnson Effect.

(Yes, yes, I know, we traded for Nick Johnson and we have accepted his contract on a prorated basis, but bringing that up kills the funny.)