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Stadium News - Sort of

Much like Michael Myers in the movie Halloween, yes it classical movie day here at FishStripes, Norman Braman refuses to die.  (Please understand I mean "die" in the metaphorical sense and not literally.)

Anyways he is still trying his best to cause problems for the new stadium.

The Third District Court of Appeal will hear brief oral arguments Tuesday on Norman Braman's attempt to halt the already-under-construction stadium for the Florida Marlins in Little Havana.


The auto dealer lost on all counts to the county, city and team. He appealed.

Tuesday's oral arguments before the three-judge panel will be heard at the law school at Florida International University's main campus on Southwest 107th Avenue and Eighth Street. Each side will be given 10 minutes to state its case in a hearing scheduled for 9:30 a.m.

No ruling is expected for weeks.


Given how the original case was handled by the judge who bent over backwards in trying to find some credence with Team Braman's arguments, this appeal should be thrown out as well.

If I ever get the pleasure of living in South Florida and I need to buy a motorized vehicle, I think I will head to Maroone.