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Marlins expand the roster

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As you all know by now the Marlins made some moves yesterday and will make the others today.

After the game, the Marlins announced several moves. They've recalled outfielder Cameron Maybin and designated reliever Luis Ayala for assignment. Tuesday, they will recall Rick VandenHurk, who will start Wednesday, and catcher Brett Hayes, and activate Burke Badenhop from the disabled list.

Luis Ayala is far from happy about getting kicked off the 40-man roster.

“It was terrible what they did,” Ayala said. “I don’t know why they called me up if they were going to do this. I think it’s a lack of respect. I know it’s a business, but for me, it’s something they’ve handled poorly.”


did give up three runs on four hits in one-third of an inning and took the loss Saturday to the Padres. In 10 appearances for the Marlins, he went 0-3 with an 11.74 ERA, six walks, seven strikeouts and a .364 opponents’ batting average.

While I appreciate that Ayala may be the best guy in the world, however you can't pitch like he did for the big club and expect to stay on it.  I'm guessing Ayala won't have any problems clearing waivers.  One interesting thing about it is that it opens up a spot on the 40-man.  It is a bit too early to start protecting players from the Rule 5 draft, so I have no idea what the Marlins are planning to do with the open slot.  If anything.

As far as Maybin goes, he may see some playing time but I think it is going to like the Larry and Kent pledging the Omega House in the classic movie Animal House.

Fredi: Let me introduce you around.

Fredi: Over there is Hanley and that is Danny both of whom are two-time All-Stars and that is Josh Johnson also an All-Star.  

Maybin: [looking on in awe.]

Fredi: And there are Gaby, BC and Brett Hayes.  

Maybin: I have already met them.

Fredi: Super!  Then you will have lots to talk about.