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Nick Johnson a jinx?

This is completely unfair, but what the hey.  We may have discovered the reason why the Marlins are all of a sudden losing to the Nationals.

With Florida’s 5-4 loss tonight, new 1B Nick Johnson is now 0-11 over the last 11 Marlins-Nationals games.

He was 0-9 as a member of the Nationals when playing the Marlins. After being traded to Florida on Friday, he is now 0-2 with the Marlins against the Nationals.

The 0 for everything refers to team wins and not about Nick Johnson's performance at the plate.

Like I said: this is completely unfair to pin the loses on the acquisition of NJ, but I'm not known for my journalistic integrity.  And anyway it makes for good ball talk at the bar.  Accurate? No.  Good story?  You betcha.