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Stadium News

The subcontractor for the roof has been selected.

Canam Group Inc. says one of its business units has secured a contract to build the retractable roof on the new baseball stadium for the Florida Marlins.

Canam said the contract, awarded to Structal-Heavy Steel Construction, is worth about $60 million (U.S.).

The company said Structal will assist in the design of the roof, make some necessary components and install the mechanism that will allow the roof to retract.

I looked at their list of projects and didn't see one that includes a retractable roof.  Perhaps I am missing something, which wouldn't be unusual,  The good news is that they didn't help in the design and also build Miller Park's roof which leaks like a sieve or Minute Maid where the contractors, in order to get early payment, took material on hand way too early and everything rusted.

Maybe HOK, or whatever they are calling themselves now, has learned their lesson.  But whatever the case, this could be the first retractable roof that Structal-Heavy Steel Construction has built.  Now, that doesn't mean it won't turn out perfect.