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Brian Sanches Native American

I didn't know this, but really it doesn't surprise me. Brian Sanches is the only Native American in the National League.

The only American Indian in the National League has the lowest ERA in the majors.

Marlins reliever Brian Sanches is proud of his heritage and pleased with his success.


Sanches is believed to be one of only three players in the majors classified as American Indian. The others are Boston's Jacoby Ellsbury and the New York Yankees' Joba Chamberlain.

Sanches, who hails from Texas, is part of the small and obscure Caddo tribe.

He has dressed up in tribal costume for annual pow-wows and proudly checks the box on registration forms proclaiming him as American Indian.


The Baseball Almanac lists 50 full-blooded American Indian players who have played in the majors over the years.


Actually the Caddo tribe is fairly well known in Texas.  The only natural lake in the state is named after them.  Yes, you read that right, Texas has only one non man made lake.

See, I'm useful for something, what that is remains in doubt.

If you have the time read the whole article, it is pretty interesting.