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The Cody Ross fan site chimes in gives their take on the back-to-back home runs.

Cody said it was his most memorable game in the majors. Back to back home runs to get the walk off in the 9th was very special for Ross. Especially after his best friend, Dan Uggla hit the tying home run before he came to bat. The Ross family was ecstatic when I talked to Janet and McKenzie today. Ross was all over the news and his agent was ectstatic. After having a little bit of a slump of late, Ross always seems to make a game winning comeback to start on a roll.

First off, you have to admire the site for having such a close repartee with Cody's family.  That is something I haven't been able to establish at FishStripes.  However, there are some family members of certain players who might like to throw things at me.  

You do what you can.