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Marlins plunk number 1000

If you were following along in yesterday's open thread you know that Chris Coghlan was the "lucky" recipient of plunk number 1000 for the Marlins.

Plunk Everyone has it covered.

Marlins rookie Chris Coghlan got plunked in the 7th inning today, marking the first time in his career he's been hit by a major league pitch. But, while it was one first plunk for a rookie, it was one giant milestone for the Marlins franchise. Plunk Number 1000 in team history. Coghlan joins the likes of Craig Biggio and Ty Cobb on the list of players who have collected the 1000th plunk for a franchise.

Wes Helms also got plunked for the Marlins, which makes this post a little less round-number-centric. But, here are a few (dozen) facts about the first 1001 plunks in Marlins franchise history.

Plunk Everyone goes into incredible detail about the plunking history of the Marlins.  You really need to read this.

Congrats Chris?

And oh, Dan was the big winner of the pool.  Congrats Dan!