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Brad Penny expected to clear waivers today

Brad Penny is expected to clear release waivers later today.  And after that he will have a choice to make, Buster Olney has this to say:

Heard this: In all likelihood, Brad Penny's decision will come down to pitching for the team that appears to have the best chance to win a World Series -- the Yankees -- or pitching for the Giants or Marlins in the NL in an effort to play for a contender and better set himself up for his impending free agency.

 Sounds about right.  If he is wanting to pitch for the team with the best chance of making the playoffs, the choice is the Yankees.  If he is wanting a chance at the playoffs while hoping to have a good September on the mound to improve his standing before declaring free agency at the end of the season, he will pitch in the NL.

Whatever he decides it will happen today since it is the last day to be put on the club's list for postseason eligibility.

[Update]  According to Jon Heyman, Brad Penny is signing with the Giants.

Not really a surprise since they are in a better playoff position than the Marlins and Penny likes throwing in cooler climates.