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Burke Badenhop to the 15-day DL

Burke Badenhop was placed on the 15-day DL before yesterday's game.

RHP Burke Badenhop was placed on the 15-day DL with a strain of the trapezius muscle on the right side of his neck. Badenhop felt the injury during Saturday’s start in which he lasted just 1.2 innings, allowing six runs, five earned, on five huts.

"It’s something that usually is no problem but yesterday it got really tired on me," Badenhop said. "When I needed to just get the ball to the plate there just wasn’t much there."

RHP Tim Wood was recalled.

It case you don't know anything about the trapezius muscle here is a quick primer:  The Trapezius Muscle. From what I have read the muscle tightens up in the back or shoulder area and causes the mother of all cricks in the neck.

The Hopper ( I refuse to call him Dragon) being on the DL causes a couple of short term problems.  The first being that the Marlins will need someone to take over the long relief role.  That will fall to the Chief, Brian Sanches, who did well on Saturday going 3.1 innings, allowing only 2 hits and striking out 6.  The second is that the Marlins are going to need a fifth starter, at least a couple of times, before the Hopper will be eligible to return to the team.  Right now most are guessing it will be Sean West.  If that is the case it is a matter of just going with what you have got.  I doubt that West has added a major league breaking ball to his arsenal since he was sent down.  Let's face it, he hasn't had the time to develop a quality breaking pitch.  So if West is added, Sanches may get some opportunities to try out his new role as long reliever.

Hopper's pain in the neck may cause some fans to experience the same, or at least have a greater understanding of the condition.