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Brad Penny to return?

Apparently the Marlins are lining up to be one of the teams that Brad Penny may consider.

Former Marlins starter Brad Penny, who the Red Sox are in the process of releasing, is expected to clear waivers Monday. Several media outlets are reporting the Marlins, Rockies and Giants would be among Penny's suitors.

While Penny almost certainly would find the Marlins intriguing, a more likely scenario is he'll land in Colorado. He has a relationship with manager Jim Tracy from their time together with the Dodgers, and the Rockies offer the surest bet for postseason exposure.

Once Penny clears waivers, he is free to sign with the team of his choosing for the pro-rated major league minimum, about $74,000 through season's end.

If he does rejoin the Marlins he will be a 35-game rental because there is no stinking way the Marlins are going to pay him over $5 million dollars to retain his services.

I have no objection to adding Penny to the staff, his peripherals aren't all that different from his historic norms.  Oh sure, he is having a hard time controlling his explosive breaking pitches, but that is nothing new.  Penny can do more with just spotting his fast ball than most starters can do with throwing four different pitches.  I have seen him win World Series games with just the one pitch.

If the Marlins want to make a go for him, it wouldn't be a bad idea.

There is one problem, he doesn't like pitching in hot, humid weather and last I checked that is exactly what Florida has to offer.