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A New Inside the Marlins

A new Inside the Marlins premiers on September 2.

Florida Marlins fans tune-in to FOX Sports Florida/Sun Sports all season long to watchTommy Hutton, Rich Waltz, Craig Minervini and Frank Forte deliver expert game calls and in-depth reporting, but what do they know about their lives off camera?  On the next edition of Inside the Marlinsviewers will get to know the broadcasters and hear how each got their start in the television business to make it to where they are today.  The show also visits FOX Sports Florida/Sun Sports’ high-tech television production truck. Fans will meet the talented crew who work behind-the-scenes and learn about the intricacies of producing and televising a seamless, live Marlins’ telecast. Inside the Marlins: The Broadcasters premieres on FOX Sports Florida Wednesday, September 2 at 10 p.m. following the Atlanta Braves at Marlins telecast.

Here is the trailer:

If by chance you don't get to see it, I am more than positive that you will in a future rain delay.