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More on Nick Johnson

From the department of "You have to be kidding me" the Marlins explain the delay in placing Nick Johnson on the DL.

"We wanted to wait it out as long as we could," Beinfest said. "We were hopeful the hamstring would respond and he'd be able to come back, even maybe in a limited role. It's not there yet, so we were left with no choice because you started to lose some of the benefit of backdating."


Manager Fredi Gonzalez agreed with the decision, saying the team never was affected by having one less position player for the eight games Johnson missed.

"I think you've got to wait," Gonzalez said. "You hate to put a guy on the DL and, all of a sudden, he's good in three days."


Oh, Puhleeze!  Sell it someone who doesn't follow baseball.