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Hanley Ramirez 1000th Plunked at JRS

As Plunk Everyone informs us, Hanley Ramirez was the 1000th player to be plunked in the Marlins home stadium.

In the 4th inning of last nights game between the Mets and Marlins at Land Shark Stadium, Hanley Ramirez got hit by a pitch. That plunk was the 1000th in park history for Land Shark Stadium, formerly known as Dolphin Stadium, formerly known as Pro Player Stadium, and possibly some other things. 502 of those plunks have been delivered to Marlins batters by visiting pitchers, and 498 have been pitches thrown by the Marlins that struck their guests at the ballpark - which is remarkably even over the course of 17 seasons.

Congratulations Hanley?

Now, don't confuse this with a Marlin being plunked for the 1000th time.  We are only up to 998.