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Nick Johnson on the DL - John Baker day-to-day

The Marlins finally placed Nick Johnson on the DL.

First baseman Nick Johnson was placed on the 15-day disabled list Tuesday retroactive to Aug. 17.

Johnson, who has not played since injuring his right hamstring Aug. 16 against Colorado, cut short a jogging session Tuesday after feeling pain in his leg.

Why it took the front office so long to make this move I cannot say.  I mean really, what in his past lead anyone to believe he would recover quickly and be able to contribute to the team.  So finally the Marlins were forced into the move thanks to the rules (A player who is placed retroactively on the DL must spend at least five days on the DL.)  Of course even if the rule wasn't in place the team would've placed him on the DL since John Baker tweaked his back.

Baker departed from yesterday's game with a stiff back and is considered day-to-day.  Now here comes the fun part, should Baker not be available for at least a day, the Marlins have to call up a catcher.  Read Brett Hayes.  No team in their right mind goes with only one catcher and the sad thing is they have to hold him in reverse in case the starting catcher gets injured during the game.  In other words the short bench will continue and Bonifacio will roam the outfield.

The good news is that the Marlins probably won't pull another Nick Johnson and place Baker on the DL rather quickly if he is unable to go.

Should Baker be all better today, look for an outfielder to get the call, probably Brett Carroll.

I wonder if the Marlins are going to "screw over" the Zephyrs the way the Astros did when New Orleans was the Triple-A franchise of Houston.  This, almost, exact thing happened to Houston and they flew in a catcher and an outfielder from the farm club.  They activated the catcher first and told the outfielder to hang in the hotel until further notice and activated him a day later.  In the meantime the farm teams were scrambling for players.