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Flotsam and Jetsam

We are going to have a mini-Flotsam and Jetsam today.


  • New blog about trying to get the voters to finally put Andre Dawson into the Hall of Fame.  The blog should heat up around HOF voting time which will happen after the season is over.  But in the meantime check it out, Andre Dawson for the Hall of Fame.  It is the blogroll for future reference.
  • Kind of an interesting story about the Marlins Northwest regional scout.  Players try to make the radar.  I have, here of late, wanted to be a scout for the Marlins.  Sure the travel is rough with spending all of your time on the road.  The pay sucks, but you get to go to a game most every night, which would probably wears thin since you aren't going as a fan.  However, I am still be willing to give it a go.  Fortunately, the Marlins aren't stupid enough to hire me.


And that concludes today's Flotsam and Jetsam.