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Nick Johnson still nowhere in sight

Nick Johnson's hamstring isn't healing very fast.  Big surprise.

Nick Johnson attempted some light running on the field prior to Sunday's game. The session was over shortly after it began.

"It didn't go too good," said Johnson, who has not played since the first inning of the first game of the Aug. 18 doubleheader because of a strained right hamstring. "When I'm running, I still feel it."


Asked about the possibility of returning during the upcoming Mets series, which starts Tuesday at Land Shark Stadium, Johnson said: "After what I just did, I don't see that happening."

The Marlins will look at putting Johnson on the disabled list. He's already missed seven games and all but a fraction of an eighth. Teams are precluded from disabling players retroactively for more than 10 days. As long as Johnson is disabled by Wednesday, he would be eligible to come off Sept. 1.

If Nick Johnson doesn't think he will able to play in the Mets series it is time to put him on the DL.  As it stands right now, he is taking up space on the bench and offering no possibility of doing anything productive for the team.  Not to mention the fact that his injury is forcing Fredi to start Bonifacio in the outfield against lefties.  Well, it is not forcing Fredi to do that, but he is.  It is time to cut loses and bring a real outfielder up.  This playoff thing is slipping away from us very quickly and the bench can't be hamstrung (Yes, the pun was intended.) by having a player on the bench who can't play.  Also factored into this is Cantu isn't playing, so what the Marlins have is a three player bench with one of those being the backup catcher, who can't pinch hit, at least not until very late in the game and even then it is risky.  One of the Grits is having to start, if not both, causing the bench to lose potency.  Nothing against Gaby but he has not been groomed to be a pinch hitter.  He has started his whole life, and further more he has to be held in reserve in case someone gets hurt.

It is time to face the fact that Nick Johnson, who has a history of being injury prone, doesn't heal very quickly and hamstring injuries are one the most difficult to overcome.  The Marlins can't afford to continue to play short-handed.