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Nick Johnson nowhere in sight

The Marlins are being careful with Nick Johnson and well they should be.  The man is injury prone and rushing him back is only a recipe for disaster.

Getting Nick Johnson back into action is a step-by-step process.

Resting a strained right hamstring, the Marlins first baseman did some light workouts in pregame warmups Wednesday at Minute Maid Park.

Johnson did some throwing, and he fielded ground balls at his first base. He was not scheduled to hit.

Could he take some swings on Thursday?

"We'll see how it goes," Johnson said.


The Marlins are being cautious not to use Johnson if he isn't completely ready. As it stands now, if he goes on the 15-day disabled list, the move could be made retroactive to Monday.

 As it stands right now, the Marlins have 12 position players and 12 pitchers and one Nick Johnson who they don't dare use because it could mean a longer stint on the DL.  (You know, he could actually have to serve fifteen days.)  Which might happen anyway since the man doesn't have a history of healing very fast, but why force it at this moment.  What it comes down to, at least until Monday, is that he is taking up space on the bench and his contributions are only going to be of the moral support variety.  Nothing against moral support, but really that doesn't change the shorten of the bench that the Fish have experienced recently.  Then again, they have had a lot practice in that area for most of the month.  So what is new.