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Bryan Berglund playing for Sweden in the BWC

I must admit I had totally forgotten that the Marlins second round pick in the draft was Swedish.  I knew it at the time he was drafted, but it completely slipped my mind.  Anyway on to the story.

Bryan Berglund as been to selected to participate for the Swedish team in the upcoming Baseball World Cup.

The Swedish Baseball and Softball Federation has released the 40-man roster for the 2009 Baseball World Cup.

The selection features 33 players from the Elite League, 4 players from the Qualification League, and three players residing in the United States. Christian Staehely is pitching for the Everett Aqua Sox (Seattle Mariners), Maikel Hurtado is playing in a local league in Miami, and Bryan Berglund was recently signed by the Florida Marlins and will start his professional career in the Gulf Coast League.

"It is a very interesting roster, if everybody can be fresh and healthy we believe this can be the strongest selection ever for Team Sweden," says GM Ulf Steinvall.

Congratulations Bryan!

In case you don't know what the Baseball World Cup is, it is kinda like the WBC but for amateur players and minor leaguers.  No major leaguers allowed.

The BWC started in 1938 has been held for 37 times and recently it takes place every other year.  In case you are wondering the U.S. has only won it three times.  Cuba seems to own the thing.

The tournament starts on September 9 and goes through to the 27th.

If you would like to follow along, here is the official site: 2009 Baseball World Cup.