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Fish Wrap - Marlins 8 Cubs 9

A sweep of the coin toss.  Yes, Yes, Yes.  Did you know that you can "cheat" on a coin toss if you set the rules the just right.  Here is what you want the rules to be: let the other party flip the coin, catch it and slam it down on a table.  The bigger the coin the better.  In other words an old silver dollar is better than a 50 cent piece (since neither are in circulation you will need to consult your local coin shop), both are better than a quarter and so on.  Set up the rules so that you call it when it is slammed on the table.  The heads side makes a different noise than the tails side.  With a little practice you will be right 100% of the time.  Honestly.

So with that in mind, you won and I won three straight times. 

GameFish has the recap:

OH DEAR.  (No, you can't spell Burke Badenhop without it. Thank you for asking.)

Since I know what really happened, I want to convey to GameFish a Wholehearted Thank You!  You're the best.