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Marlins sign all their top draft picks

The deadline for signing draft picks has come and gone, and the Marlins did an excellent job this year.

The team announced the signings of left-hander Chad James and right-hander Bryan Burglund.

Both actually agreed to terms on Saturday. Now the paper work is finalized and both will report to the Marlins complex in Jupiter, Fla., to get their professional careers underway.

James, the 18th-overall pick, signed for $1.7 million.


With James and Berglund under contract, the Marlins have signed their first 12 picks, and they signed a total of 35 from the class of 2009.


In being able to sign all of their top 12 picks is a testament to the hard work and research that Jim Fleming and the scouts put in.  The Marlins were able to identify the top talent that they could afford.

For example: The Marlins first round pick, Chad James, signed for slightly over slot at $1.7 million.  James was the 18th player selected overall.  Compare that to the 19th player selected, Shelby Miller, also a high school pitcher, who signed for $2.875 million.  And here is the thing, I have seen Miller pitch and the Cardinals are probably going to have to spend about a year to fix his delivery.  James on the other hand, if everything goes incredibly well, may be ready for the majors in about three years.

As with every draft no one knows who is going to pan out and who will not. But in the case of the Marlins, they didn't tie up mega, possibly franchise crippling, dollars in their draft picks.  They went after the best bang for the buck and came away with some very promising young players.