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Gaby Sanchez called up?

It appears Gaby Sachez is on his way to Houston to rejoin the team.

GameFish was the first to alert to the possibility, here is her message on twitter.

HLDSmarlinsRT @zephyrsbaseball Gaby Sanchez leaves game early. With Nick Johnson day to day with hamstring, is Gaby going back up to the #Marlins?

My initial thought was if Nick Johnson was going to be out for any extended period of time, the club would go back to the original configuration pre-NJ.  Bonifacio at third, Cantu at first and Brett Carroll platooning in the outfield.

This will not be what happens.

Clark Spencer is reporting, via twitter, that Gaby is indeed on the way.

clarkspencerGaby Sanchez to join #Marlins in Houston for Astros series. Club has not announced roster moves.

For Gaby to join the team a roster move must be made.  They could put NJ on the 15-day DL or send a pitcher down and go with 13 position players and 12 pitchers.  (If NJ is unavailable it is effectively 12 and 12.)  If they do send down a pitcher it will probably be Cristhian Martinez, last up, first down.

However they do it we will soon know, but the question becomes: Is Gaby going to play or just rot on the bench again? 

Surely even the front office has noticed the benefits of having Bonifacio's butt on the bench and not letting him take up countless at bats.  But when it comes to Bonifacio the front office views the world through a different lens than I do.