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Teaching how to score a game

Somewhere in the two games, FSFL is going to hold a clinic on how the score a game.

Florida Marlins telecasts to teaching viewers "The Art of Scoring Baseball" as part of the regional networks’ traditional "Kids’ Sunday" telecasts.


Viewers will learn the history behind the origins of how baseball is scored, and throughout each telecast, the announcers will follow the scoring of a specific... Marlins player.  Special scorecard graphics will be used to help illustrate the fundamentals and intricacies of scoring so fans at home can learn and follow along.


Marlins announcers Rich Waltz and Tommy Hutton, will show viewers how they set up and use their scorecards during the telecasts.


As part of the Marlins broadcast, Jeff Conine and Billy’s Bunch kid reporter Brendan Brundage will be seated in the stands behind home plate scoring the game together.  Fans will be able to follow along...

The reason I am spending so much time on this is that I love scoring games.  It really brings the whole experience together.  Now, I probably don't score games the way they will present, but that doesn't matter, however you do it, it brings an added life to attending or watching or even listening to a game.

I will admit I didn't score any of the games while I was in Florida, trying to steal Spud's iPhone and harassing LadyFish and GameFish, took all of my time at the park.

But scoring games is a mighty fine thing to do.  Did I mention I am a fan of scoring games?

Oh, while I'm doing all the promotional stuff, after the games, whenever that is, Inside the Marlins is doing a Jack McKeon profile.  I was once asked by the SB Nation if you we could get you credentials  what would you like to do?  My answer was the Winter Meetings so I could hangout outside the hotel in the cigar smoking section and listen to Jack tell stories.

 While that hasn't come to pass of yet, the exposé maybe a close substitute.