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Chad James still gets a college scholarship?

Chad James apparently didn't lose his free ride to Oklahoma State.

James, a left-hander who was chosen with the 18th overall pick, will receive a $1.7 million bonus, as well as a six-figure college scholarship that he can use in the future. The Marlins plan to officially sign James on Monday.


I didn't know this. I would have thought that once he decided to go professional, the deal was off. Once he accepts the money he can't play baseball at the college level but I guess he can pursue a college education in the future without participating in the sport, if he so desires.

If everything goes right (baseball-wise), he will probably never take up OSU on their offer.  However, he can learn to "Boogie till You Puke" in the minors.  And yes, I didn't let books and classes get in the way of my college education.

It is nice to know he has a fall-back position.  If things don't work out, the downside is he goes to college, and that is mighty fine place to be.  And as a bonus he will be pass the "Boogie till You Puke" phase, so he might actually learn something.