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Stadium News

The first foundation pour is scheduled to happen today.

Sarah Talalay reports.

The Florida Marlins enter a significant chapter in construction of their new ballpark this morning, when the concrete foundation is scheduled to be poured for the first of 12 super columns that will support the venue’s roof.


"Starting the first of 12 foundation pours means that the super columns that support the retractable roof will be erected by this fall," Claude Delorme, Marlins senior vice president of ballpark development, said in a statement.

I take from this they are pouring the shafts (columns) and not the actual foundation, which is probably semantics to most everyone.  I will say this, I have seen columns and foundations poured and it ain't all that exciting.  So if you had any notion of going out to watch this, I wouldn't.  That is unless you live near Little Havana and have nothing better to do.

The pour is scheduled to start around 10:00 a.m.

I guess the most important part is they are actually building the stadium.  And that is a good thing.