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Chris Leroux optioned to Double-A

After last night's game Chris Leroux was optioned to Jacksonville.

After Florida beat the Astros, 9-2, Leroux was optioned back to Double-A.

Given the fact that Cody, our one true outfielder, is a little bit iffy, I expect the Marlins will call up a position player who can play the outfield.  In other words, Brett Carroll may be on the way.

Or at least that is what I hope they will do.  The Marlins have an off-day after the series with the Rockies and with Anibal Sanchez on the horizon, they don't need to carry 13 pitchers at this point.  Also, as stupid as it sounds, Sean West going six innings really helped out.

Even if Cody is good to go, it would behoove the team to get Bonifacio out of center.  That is just a disaster waiting to happen.

For all the Maybin fans out there, he has been on the DL and he may return to action tonight.  Carroll is the far superior option.