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Tim Wood optioned, Chris Leroux called up

As you all know by now, Tim Wood was sent to New Orleans after the game in search of a fresher arm.

Right-hander Tim Wood was optioned to Triple-A New Orleans. The team on Thursday will announce who will be called up.

The call up has been announced and it is Chris Leroux.

Leroux didn't pitch all that well the last time, heck, the only time, he was up with the big club making four appearances for 5.2 innings allowing 7 ER.  But I will give the guy a break, after his major league stint, he went on the DL with shoulder problems.  It is very likely that his shoulder was hurting during his time in the bigs and he said nothing about it until it was over.  Don't know if that was the case, but it wouldn't surprise me if it was -- young players lie about how they feel.