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Matt Lindstrom to close again?

Matt Lindstrom, apparently, is still in line to be the closer this season.

Gonzalez said he wants to see Matt Lindstrom throw on consecutive nights before entertaining the idea of moving him into the closer's role. He said Lindstrom, who has had three scoreless appearances since returning from the disabled list Aug. 1, could get his first opportunity to close if current closer Leo Nuñez pitches on consecutive nights.

Obviously this was written before last night's game because that appearance was anything but scoreless.  Lindstrom's display last night once again showed he is too inconsistent to be trusted to closeout games at this point in his career.  Yeah, the error didn't help anything but when you are given the ball with a five run lead and only three outs to get and you can't do it, that doesn't say closer to me.

If a middle reliever is inconsistent and has a bad night there is still time to fix the damage, but when it is a closer.... you lose.

Nunez is doing fine.