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Chris Coghlan sets the record

Chris Coghlan set the Marlins record for consecutive multihit games.

In the sixth inning Sunday against the Phillies' Jamie Moyer, Coghlan set a club record with his eighth consecutive multihit game. Coghlan singled to right, marking his second hit of the day.


Juan Pierre twice had stretches of seven straight games with at least two hits -- Aug. 28-Sept. 7, 2004, and Sept. 26-Oct. 2, 2004. Miguel Cabrera also pulled off the feat from Aug. 6-13, 2006.

Congrats Chris!

Speaking of Chris, somewhere in doing all of this JCR started to ponder a question that really hadn't occurred to me.

Florida Marlins: Where does Chris Coghlan stand in the NL ROY race?

Read the post and see what you think.  But I will say this, the young Mr. Coghlan is definitely making noise in that direction.