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Floridays - Part Two: Game One

This is still behind a day, but hopefully I will catch it up.

GameFish and I were invited to Fox Sports/ Sun Sports media appreciation day which took place on Thursday in their suite.  More on this a little later.

I, up until this point, had only exchange an email or two with GameFish but we exchanged cell phone numbers 'cause we might end up being the only kindred spirits in the room.  (meaning the only bloggers in the room, we were).

The event started at six and GameFish decided we should enter the suite at the same time since we might end up being our only friends.  I agreed.

Now here is where a recurring theme of the trip will take place.  I spoke to her on the phone about five and she assured me it would take her longer to get to the stadium than me.  GameFish obviously way under estimated me.

She got to the stadium early and called me to see where I was.  Naturally I was in route but running behind since I had no idea where I was going.  After the disaster of finding the hotel, I had the google map print out in hand.  Following the step by step instructions I was able to find my way to the turnpike and head to what I thought was towards the stadium.  (word of caution: google maps are not always correct)  Here I go cruising down the turnpike with GameFish on the phone assuring me I 'm doing just fine.  I leave Broward and enter Miami-Dade and she tells me I am almost there and should see an exit to the stadium soon.  After seeing no such exit she tells me to exit on University and she will guide me in from there.  But she didn't seem to understand that I had a google map print out and it said nothing about exiting on University, so stubbornly I went looking for a mythical exit, which did not exist, in order to get to the stadium.

She kept saying you really ought to be here by now.  Nope, I replied, still looking for the "proper" exit.  After a while she wanted me to call out landmarks - I did.  To which she said you are way south of the stadium and should turn around.  Of course I couldn't because another toll plaza was right in front of me.  GameFish suggested I ask them on how to get to the stadium.  In order to do that I laid down my cell phone face up on the passenger's seat.  Big mistake.  The lovely lady at the toll booth told me that I had driven past the stadium and I was about 15 miles south of it.  From the passenger's seat I heard:  I told you, you missed it and were south of the stadium.  New rule of thumb: always put the cell phone face down.  I turned around and headed back north and it turns out the exit was University.

Needless to say the game started before we got into the suite.

The folks from Fox Sports were very nice and went out of their way to make us feel like we belonged.  And it was very nice of them to invite us.

While we were watching the game, the cries of GameFish were heard and it was LadyFish and Spud who had met her earlier in the season and happened to be seated right below the suite.  Then for some reason they presumed I was sitting next to her, which was correct, and LadyFish turned into a paparazzi.  In case you are wondering, the pictures have been destroyed.

The story continues....