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Brett Carroll and Gaby Sanchez optioned

After last night's game, we heard that Gaby Sanchez and Brett Carroll were optioned to the minors.  This brought a scream of disapproval from the back seat by LadyFish, Spud hitting the breaks, a call from GameFish and me saying what did they say.

The Marlins optioned infielder Gaby Sanchez and outfielder Brett Carroll to Class AAA New Orleans after Friday’s game. Right-hander Matt Lindstrom will be activated Saturday from the disabled list, but he won’t return to the closer’s role just yet.

Gaby is understandable since he has just been wasting away on the pine.  And anyway, the Marlins just traded for a first baseman, and Sanchez needs more playing time than the Marlins were willing to give him.

Which brings us to the scream, the quick stopping of cars, the phone call and my hopeful but misguided disbelief about Brett Carroll returning to the minors.

So the Marlins are going with two outfielders, Ross and Hermida.  And a couple of out of position players, Coghlan and presumably Bonifacio to make a so called run at the playoffs.  I don't get this at all.

There was never any doubt when Lindstrom was back to form, and he is, giving up a two run homer in his last outing in the minors, that he would rejoin the team.  And if the club feels it needs thirteen pitchers with a 13 game stretch without a break on the horizon , then fine.  But I can think of some players who weren't contributing anywhere near as much as Carroll.

The boy just can't catch a break.