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Hanley Ramirez may not play in All-Star Game

There is a possibility that Hanley Ramirez will sit out the All-Star Game.

The All-Star Game is suddenly up in the air for ailing Marlins shorstop Hanley Ramirez, who said he still wants to play in the Midsummer Classic while also emphasizing that his main loyalty lies with the team.

           "It's not more important than playing the regular season," Ramirez said of the All-Star Game. "I don't worry that much about the All-Star Game. It's a lot of fun, but we're two games out (of first place). That's what it's about right now. I just worry about that."


 He said that if the injury hasn't improved by the weekend when the Marlins are in Arizona for a four-game series against the Diamondbacks, "then I won't play in it (the All-Star Game). I just want to play (with the Marlins) first before I go to the All-Star Game, at least one game or two games."

Of course, not playing doesn't mean he won't be attending.  There is a long history of players who have been voted in and weren't available to play.  They just take part in the festivities, get announced to the crowd, tip their hat and swap stories with the other players on the bench.

Should it come to pass that Hanley doesn't play, it wouldn't bother me in the least.  I understand it is honor, but the first duty is to the club who signs your checks.  And if sitting on the bench for the game while spending your off-time riding that roller coaster thing that goes up into the arch will help the player be better prepared for the "second-half of the season", then do it.

The All-Star Game isn't worth re-aggravating injuries.