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LandShark Stadium didn't finish last?

I want a recount.

The  Sporting News ranked the Major League Baseball Parks and LandShark Stadium finished 28th.

28. Land Shark Stadium, Miami (OPENED: 1987; 1993 for baseball. SEATS: 36,331): A stadium by any other name—Joe Robbie? Pro Player? Dolphin?—still deserves a tarp over the empty seats.

First off, I have no idea whether it is LandShark or Land Shark and frankly I don't care.  It is still JRS to me.

But that aside.

The Marlins home park finished ahead of the Metrodome and Tropicana Field.  

I've been to the Metrodome, and yeah it isn't great and kinda ugly, and was definitely built on the cheap.  The seat rows are unbelievable long to the point that going to the concession stand is too much of pain.  And ordering from a vendor means about a hundred people will have to pass your hot dog down to you.  However, the sight-lines weren't bad, by any means, and it was one the loudest most enthusiastic places I have ever seen a game.  I'm not buying we finished ahead of them.

As for Tropicana, I don't know - never been there.  But the tales I hear from Marlins fans who make the trip up state for interleague play is that it isn't all that bad.  We are talking Florida here and how many home rain delays have they experienced this season. or any other season for that matter.....let me help you with the math -- Zero.

That alone makes it better.  Not to mention you can pet those poor, unfortunate sting rays in the tank that Luis Gonzalez hit the home run into.

As I said to begin this, I want a recount.