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Fish Wrap - Marlins 7 Giants 0

When your host treats you so shamefully in the second night of your three-day stay there is only one thing to do: put the guest towels in your suitcase, stop up the toilets and say goodbye.  In other words, return the favor.  And that the Marlins did.

Chris Volstad took the mound with the goal of making sure a sweep of the good guys didn't happen.  So what did Chris do, just pitch the best game of his major league career.  Volstad pitched a complete game shutout, giving up five hits while striking out six and walking no one.  It looks like quite a performance in the box score.

The Marlins offense didn't really need to do much of anything, but they were better than that.  The game was over when John Baker singled home Jorge Cantu in the fourth to score the Marlins first run and the only one they would need.  The run also had the added bonus of breaking up Ryan Sadowski scoreless inning streak stopping it at 16.2 innings.

Danny decided to add insult to injury in the top ninth by hitting a three-run home run.

Sometimes pay back feels awfully good.

All in all, it was just another routine Marlins win.