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E!'s 'Baseball Wives'

After today's game, you may want to check this program out on E!.

E! has a rarity tonight, a show with "wives" in the title that is entertaining without being sensational or sleazy.

Baseball Wives celebrates women whose husbands have pressure-packed, public occupations, which can elevate you to celebrity status and set you up for life or brand you a failure at an age when many people are just getting started in their careers.

Not so sure about that failure thing, but anyway.

I had the privilege of sitting at all of the home games in the family section of a major league baseball team for a number of years.   And while I met very few of the players, I did get to know their wives.  (Before you go all stupid on me, get your minds out of the gutter.) It was very interesting since they live such an unique lifestyle with some of them slugging their way through the minors, along with their husbands, for very little pay in hopes of staying in the majors.  Naturally, I have many stories to tell about their experiences, and who knows, (don't want to let Dan down) one day, I will tell them.  

I just hope E! handles the story well, the way it should be told.

Scott Proctor's wife is one of the ones featured.