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Red Sox inquire about Gaby Sanchez

According to, the Red Sox ask about the availibility of Gaby Sanchez.

1. Gaby Sanchez, 1B, Marlins - The Red Sox inquired about the big righthanded hitter, who has spent the season at Triple A (New Orleans) after it was thought he’d start for the Marlins out of spring training. With Hanley Ramirez red-hot and a top pitching staff, Florida, which is serious about staying in the National League East race, is looking for bullpen pieces, but the Sox don’t seem to be in that mode at the moment.

They didn't mentioned what the Red Sox were offering, but apparently it wasn't enough.  Which isn't surprising since the Marlins value Sanchez highly and there is a hole in the order at third base.  Sanchez is one of only two major league ready hitters in Triple-A, according to Beinfest.

These type of trades can be scary because if the team is willing to move Sanchez it better pretty darn certain that they are only one or two pieces away from making it to the playoffs.  And at this time, I don't think one can make that case.