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The All-Star selection is today

The All-Star team will be announced today at 1:00 p.m. on TBS.

Hanley Ramirez is a mortal lock to make the NL team, one way or another.  If he doesn't win the starting job, which he should, he will be added to the team has a reserve.

Josh Johnson is a little more iffy since there are two things working against him.  The main one is that he schedule to pitch on July 12 which is two days before the classic.  Meaning, he will only be good for one inning at best and after last year's game with the many extra innings and all, they may want to stockpile fresher arms.  Also Johnson last start gives Charlie Manuel, along with his limited availability an excuse to leave him off the roster.  Of course, if Manuel is smart, and I think he is, he will add Johnson to the team.  Not just because Johnson deserves it, which he does, but because playing in the All-Star game is kinda like a mid-season romp in the WBC.  Several of the players who participate in the game will have substandard second halves.  And it is in the best interest of the Phillies to wear down Johnson anyway they can.

If Johnson is left off the roster, will I complain?  Not in the least.  And from a purely selfish fan perspective, I wouldn't mind him getting the extra rest.  However, it is an honor and one he has earned.  Being selected for the All-Star team for most players doesn't happen very often, if ever.  So I hope Josh gets the chance to tip his hat to the crowd on July 14.  Just don't get hurt.