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Fish Wrap - Marlins 4 Pirates 7

The game didn't start out all that well with Volstad giving up four runs in just three innings.  He couldn't get any bite on his pitches.  Then the rains came.  After a 45-minute rain delay Volstad proved to be as ineffective at bunting as he was at pitching for the game, bunting into a double-play.  Needless to say, it wasn't Chris's night.

But he was not alone in ineptitude, the offense wasn't doing much of anything either.  The Marlins tried to rally late but it wasn't anywhere near enough.

The Pirates are now 14-8 against the NL East and one would assume they are busily petitioning the Commissioner's office to move to the NL East.  Of course the Marlins have provided 4 of those wins for the Bucs.  But still. 

All notable streaks are over, Hanley didn't drive in a run and Bonifacio didn't get a hit.

The absolute best comment about the game came from Freida Frisaro via twitter, who I assume is Joe's wife.

The Marlins never win in those damn July 4th hats. Last year I sat through the awful loss in Denver with those hats. Get rid of them.

I couldn't agree more.

Try it again today.