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Marlins acquire Nick Johnson

The Florida Marlins acquire Nick Johnson.

Joe Frisaro reports.

Some last-minute scrambling landed Nick Johnson with the Marlins on Friday for Minor League pitcher Aaron Thompson.

The deal was consummated shortly before Friday's 4 p.m. ET non-waiver Trade Deadline.


A slick fielder, Johnson will step in at first base, allowing Jorge Cantu to move across the diamond to third base.


He is a sixty game rental.  Forget whatever you hear about service time, it doesn't matter, he will still be too pricey for the Marlins to keep.

And as far as Bonifacio moving to the bench, I will bet that it is Coghlan who takes a seat and Bonifacio moves to left field.

And yes, the text message alert woke me up from my nap, so I am a bit grumpy.